Friday’s Flesh Friction: Baubles

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A short sexy flash fiction to help you through Friday by Cyra May

Penny arrived at Jake’s door a few minutes early and wonder whether to wait or knock now. She was very nervous. They’d been dating a few weeks and this was the first time she’d been invited to his place. She had actually begin to wonder if he was at all interested in her. They had had some deep kissing sessions and a little of wandering hands at the movies, but apart from that had been the perfect gentleman. In fact too perfect. She couldn’t wait to rip his clothes off, but didn’t want to seem too keen.
Tonight she’d made a special effort, showered, washed her hair, trimmed everything that needed trimming and now was wearing a tight hugging, short dress that showed of every one of her assets. If he did not come on to her tonight she would either give up or take the lead. Penny was horny and desperate. She couldn’t wait any longer. She knocked hard on the door.
Jake opened it at once, smiling broadly. “Great. Just in time. I need help decorating my tree.”
Penny kept the disappointment from her face as she took in his scruffy shorts, t-shirt and the mess in the room with boxes and decorations strewn about. Great. I have on my best clothes, made a huge effort and all I am going to be doing is hanging baubles. She wondered about turning around and walking away, but Jake stepped forward, swept her up in his arms and planted his lips on hers, kissing her deeply, until she could feel the heat build between her legs. God, he was a good kisser.
“You look amazing.” Jake whispered heavily in her ear. “Such a pity to waste such an outfit in tree dressing.” His hands ran up and down her back, causing her to shiver and her nipples to make themselves known. With hands on her shoulders, he pushed her away slightly. “I’m sorry but I promised my niece the tree would be ready for her visit tomorrow, so it needs to be done.” His eyes raked over her tight dress and hesitated at her breasts as he noticed her excitement. “I would hate for you to ruin your dress on the tree, it’s so beautiful especially these delicate sequins. His hand again smoothed down the silky material, sending more heat south and another rush of goose bumps north.
It’s now or never, Penny thought. “I could always take it off?” her eyes held his as she sent her message as clear as she could. Her crotch damp in anticipation and arousal.
“Well, if you don’t mind.” Jake smiled. “I could lend you t-shirt.” Before he had time to head to the bedroom, she replied. “Not at all.” Dropped her bag on the floor and shimmied out of her dress as Jake watched, mouth dropped open. She wore no underwear.
He stood speechless, shocked, not sure what to do. “Great, yes, wow, I’ll get you the t-shirt.” He stammered, heading to a doorway.
He swiftly bent down and scooped up a box, passing it to her. “Maybe you could start with the tinsel.” She automatically grabbed the box as it was passed towards her as a noise made them both turn round.
There in an archway, holding a swinging bauble I each hand was gorgeous looking man with a huge grin across his face. “Hello, I’m Jake’s brother. Here, let me take that box for you.”
Suddenly decorating a tree seemed like a great idea.

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Friday’s Flesh Friction: The Horseman (teaser) by Cyra May


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A short sexy excerpt for your weekend pleasure by Cyra May from

The Horseman available from Amazon


The Horseman is a short sexy read from The Professional Series by Cyra May

“Harder…faster,” she breathed. “Give me everything, all of you.”
Eager to oblige, Tyler’s rock-hard rod pounded into her, sending every nerve ending in her silky inner core into overdrive, while his hard groin slammed against her begging clit with every stroke. Clinging to Tyler, she bit into his shoulder, feeling the familiar build up and her muscles tightening around him. She was close, but it was too soon. It was too damn good for her to come yet.
Tightening her hold on him with arms and legs, she rolled, flipping them over. Tyler’s surprised face turned to a look of bliss as she began to ride him, using the moves he’d taught her earlier.
Reaching for her breasts, he kneaded and squeezed them as she used his body to pleasure herself, the grind of her hips pressing her swollen clit against him and rubbing his hardness against every inch of silken inner walls, both g-spots receiving their longed-for attention.
“Oh God, oh yes,” she cried, hands pressed flat on his chest, head thrown back.
Tyler fought to keep control, holding back his orgasm as he watched her, wanting the result she wanted, the moment she’d promised. His cock and balls were soaked from her wetness. He fought harder to hold back, willing her to come. He increased his nipple play, hoping to bring her closer to the edge.
Donna too was fighting, hoping to hold on to this moment of sheer bliss, but it was no use. Tyler’s teasing touches all day had her too ready. She was going to come this time and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She felt the heat build again, her muscles tighten, clamping around him. She began to pant as she ground harder against him. “I’m going to come, all over your dick, just like I wanted.”
Tyler’s response caught in his throat. All that came out was a strangled moan as he clung to the edge while she rode him to her explosive orgasm, her pussy like hot fire when she screamed his name to the heavens as the flood washed through her, hands clawing at his chest, knees digging in tight. Then she was jerking and twisting as the wave crashed and broke, her body wracked by the force of the pleasure rushes, then shuddering as she was hit by aftershocks, head falling forward, hair trailing over his face.
Giving her no chance to recover he grabbed her waist, taking her to the edge again as he raised her and slammed her down, burying himself deep within her molten womanhood. He didn’t know how long he held out before he finally allowed himself release, shooting his load deep inside her. Feeling his hot, spurting seed was enough to make Donna come again, leaving her a weak, gasping mess as she collapsed on his chest.
Staying inside her, he wrapped her in his arms, stroking her hair, a lazy smile on his face. “Wow.”
“That’s it? That all you can say?” she said, still panting from her exertion, legs like jelly.
“Too speechless for anything else.”
“You’d better fix that, because I want to know if you’d like a repeat performance.”
He picked a strand of straw from her hair and twirled it. “I would, but you might have to give me half an hour.”



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Friday’s Flesh Friction: The Author (teaser) by Cyra May


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A short sexy excerpt for your weekend pleasure by Cyra May from

The Author (a free book available from Amazon, Google play, Kobo and Nook)

Cyra had no idea she could be aroused so quickly after such an intense and explosive orgasm. Her legs still felt like jelly and now they trembled as her two companions lavished her with sexy attention, driving her wild with their sucking and touching. A tiny voice in her head suggested what she was doing was wrong but she ignored it as waves of pleasure rolled through her body, the men all finding new ways to caress and stroke to tease or torment her, taking her closer to the edge but never letting her go over. It was sheer torture when Max decided that was clean enough and halted.
“Our turn,” he said, presenting her with the bottle of shower gel.
Soon she’d replaced one type of pleasure for another, lathering up her hands and taking a hard dick in each, stroking them clean, her fingers running over and massaging their balls on the down strokes, reaching back to brush the sensitive area behind. She heard their breathing coming in shallow pants even over the torrent of water. Dropping to her knees, she let the cascade rinse her hand and Dave’s cock free of soap and took him in her mouth. Her other hand still focused on Max, keeping her steady rhythm of strokes while her tongue flicked and lapped at Dave, her lips gliding up and down his shaft. She could feel him stiffen further, felt his body lock and load him for release. He’d been hard for so long he was going to be easy meat. She upped her efforts, turning herself on even more as she did so. He tasted good as she took him a little deeper, worked her tongue a little harder, and squeezed her lips a little tighter as they travelled across the head and rim. She knew it wouldn’t be long, knew that under the shower was the perfect place to experience a move she’d seen in a movie a very long time ago. She felt the twitch and the final throb as Dave thrust his hips forward, crying out. Pulling her lips away, she turned her face upwards, parting her lips and locking eyes with him as she pumped him with her hand.
“Oh god, yeah.”
He seemed to appreciate the move as he spurted his hot liquid over her face and breasts, calling out, his face an expression of ecstasy as he watched his come land on her then be washed away by the powerful jet streams. She milked him with her hand until he was dry and trembling, leaning against the wall, legs shaking. Watching him come over her had brought her close to her own orgasm. She knew the way it had felt and the look of bliss on his face might well appear in books in the future. This was the hottest, most fun research she’d ever done in her life. She gave him a final few licks then released him, turning her face to Max, still primed and ready for his turn.

The Author is a short sexy read from The Professional Series by Cyra May

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Friday’s Flesh Friction: Allyson R. Abbott: Slaving over Valentine

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This week’s Flesh Friction is a teaser from the 2rd book in the Slaving Over series by the ‘lighter’ side of my dual personality, Allyson R Abbott.  While Cyra only writes erotica, as Allyson I write romance, but the Slaving Over Series is erotic. If you want the whole story of how a married couple in their 40’s spruced up their sex life, then I suggest you start at number 1 Slaving over Christmas, then Slaving over Valentine before diving into Slaving over Halloween.

Slaving over Valentine

A teaser

Tom never knew when she would call on him to make love, or touch her or play with her. His passion for pleasing her, to give her the best, demanded that he listen, learn, and take note of any little signs of pleasure or disappointment.
Once she stopped him in mid-cunnilingus and never said why. It troubled him for days. He didn’t know if he’d done something wrong, or if Jill had just had enough, but to stop before reaching a climax surely had to mean something? He searched the Internet and read article after article in the certainty that there was something he was missing. The worry and anxiety gnawed at him incessantly.
Without time to analyze the situation now, he was under pressure. With the demand from his mistress for an orgasm within ten minutes, time was against him. Tom quickly decided a combination of circling the clitoris with his tongue using a firm pressure, while sliding fingers up and down her slit on both sides of her labia should get the best results, especially as she was so wet and already engorged. He relaxed slightly when he could feel Jill tightening up, squeezing his tongue. She was already squirming and rocking back and forth. What had made her so excited initially? He briefly wondered if she’d been watching a film or reading one of her books. He let that troublesome thought go quickly; needing to concentrate on his task.
He took a sneaky look up to see how close she was to orgasm. Jill’s hands gripped the staves on each side of the stairs, and her throat was stretched back with glistening sweat on her neck. Small moans escaping from her mouth as he plundered her offering with tongue and fingers.
Trying not to keep a rhythm he relentlessly fingered her up and down, flicking circles with his tongue, round and round, a letter ‘a,’ a letter ‘b,’ a letter ‘c,’ creating different shapes, not allowing her to settle into a pattern of the teasing.
Her tightening thighs gripped against his face as her moans grew louder, the heat from her pleasure on his wet face. The tightness, the wetness, and the squirming were all building bit by bit; and then Tom knew he had her.
There it was-the giveaway. A few seconds of relaxation just before her climax. The point in time when Jill recognized the inevitable was happening, and she could relax into it, knowing her body was going to orgasm, whether she wanted it or not. He forced her legs wider turning Jill on by making her feel more vulnerable and exposed.
Tom knew that seeing and hearing Jill’s climax would be erotic and exciting. The thought sent signals racing to his throbbing member, which twitched in response; a gentle nudge to its owner that it too needed a release. His own body was demanding some attention and the pressure inside him was making him work harder on Jill, even knowing his only reward would be a cold shower.




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Friday’s Flesh Friction: Allyson R. Abbott: Slaving over Christmas

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This week’s Flesh Friction is a teaser from the 3rd book in the Slaving Over series by the ‘lighter’ side of my dual personality, Allyson R Abbott.  While Cyra only writes erotica, as Allyson I write romance, but the Slaving Over Series is erotic.  I thought that as we are heading towards Halloween, I would give you a little insight to Jill and Tom’s life. But f you want the whole story of how a married couple in their 40’s spruced up their sex life, then i suggest uou start at number 1 Slaving over Christmas.

Slaving over Christmas

A teaser

Tom looked at Jill in shock. Jill, emphasising her demand, pointed to the bed. He dropped the duvet and the cover to the floor, stepped forward and bent over, giving Jill a full view of his toned backside, complete with the fluorescent string working its way between his muscled cheeks. She stared at it for a few minutes, a bit flustered, because now he was in that position she wasn’t sure what to do. She quickly glanced around the bedroom for something she might be able to use and spied her hairbrush on the dressing table. She picked it up and tested it against her hand to see how powerful it was and was shocked at the stinging from such a light tap.
Tom had heard the noise and looked over his shoulder to see what she was doing. His eyes caught the brush and then he lifted them to see Jill’s face, flushed with excitement. ‘I’m in trouble’, he thought. He was surprised to find that it was not that worrisome.
Jill had seen him looking. “Keep your face pointing forward”, she demanded, in a voice surprised her. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she moved towards Tom. She couldn’t stop herself from reaching out and stroking his upturned bottom with her fingers, and then her palms. She caressed it for a minute, losing herself in her actions and desires, until she realised that this was not punishment. Without hesitating she stopped stroking and quickly slapped his bare bottom with her hand.
The moan that came out of his lips was only small, in fact you could hardly hear it, but in Jill’s ears it was as loud as a jungle call, and as powerful. The sound travelled quickly from her ears to her groin, which was now responding to the call with an incessant throb. She slapped him again, harder. His moan was still quiet, but it was guttural, as if caused not by pain, but pleasure.
The thought that Tom might actually enjoy being punished had never crossed her mind, and although she felt bad at giving Tom pain, she was urged on, as much by his moans, as from the tingling heat building up in her body.
Before she knew what was happening, Jill had the brush handle clasped in her palm and she whacked Tom’s bottom fairly swiftly. His groan was no longer silent; it had become desperate and pleading. Or was that her interpretation? She whacked him a few more times and then noticed his bottom was bright red. She stopped a swing in mid-air. What was she doing? She was causing Tom pain and discomfort, was she crazy? Shamed at feeling highly aroused through her actions and Tom’s response, she threw the brush on to the bed.
Tom did not move. Embarrassed, and not wanting him to see her face, she turned and walked out of the room, saying over her shoulder, “That should teach you”, then she fled to the bathroom to hide and recover.




Friday’s Flesh Friction: Allyson R. Abbott: Slaving over Halloween

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This week’s Flesh Friction is a teaser from the 3rd book in the Slaving Over series by the ‘lighter’ side of my dual personality, Allyson R Abbott.  While Cyra only writes erotica, as Allyson I write romance, but the Slaving Over Series is erotic.  I thought that as we are heading towards Halloween, I would give you a little insight to Jill and Tom’s life. But f you want the whole story of how a married couple in their 40’s spruced up their sex life, then i suggest uou start at number 1 Slaving over Christmas.

Slaving over Halloween. a teaser

She still considered herself a wife as well as a mistress and believed keeping the home nice for Tom in his absence was a part of that, as was the welcome home dinner she had planned for him. Of course, that wasn’t all she had planned. She grinned, thinking of all the other ideas running through her head for his homecoming. She hadn’t quite decided which ones to execute as yet but she would give it some more thought when she worked in the kitchen later, then she would have a better idea of what she was in the mood for. Right now she was torn. She loved Tom with all her heart and the idea of giving him a little leeway was tempting, as was making love together without constraint. However, the fact that he’d be super horny thanks to ‘Nick’ making sure he couldn’t find any way to relieve himself while he was away gave her so much scope to tease and torment him, and that idea was already making her hot and bothered. Jill acknowledged the stirring in her crotch and briefly thought about a little relief. She glanced at the clock, plenty of time, and deciding on comfort, headed to the bedroom. Choosing her favourite toy, she slipped out of her panties and spread her legs making herself comfortable on the bed. Selecting a medium speed, with a varying pulse, she slowly began to respond to her building desire.
While her hand was busy, her mind was still with Tom. Thinking about how masterful she had become at teasing and edging. She knew he loved it when she refused him relief, knew it drove him wild. He tried to explain that, the not knowing whether or not he was actually going to be allowed an orgasm, kept his adrenaline on a high, the anticipation was so acute, and that the exquisite pleasure from the touching and frustration was indescribable.
She loved how tense his body would become, how he quivered and shook as his rock hard penis was waiting to burst. His body, wet with sweat would be glistening in the candlelight and his moans and groans would be causing her body to react, turning her on so much that she would very often slide a finger between her legs, and allow herself the pleasure that she denied him, driving him even more to the edge.
Jill, squirmed on the bed realizing these thoughts had brought her near to her point of no return, as her clitoris throbbed with its own memories. She only needed to add a little more pressure to the vibrating toy to feel the climax rolling in at full force taking over her body as it responded to the waves of pleasure that swept through her. Jill allowed the orgasm to take hold and follow its own path, while her heart pounded and her blood rushed to her already swollen and pulsating lips that were crushing the still vibrating shaft.
She must have dozed off, because when she opened her eyes, the sun had dropped a little and she felt cool. Her mind immediately went back to Tom and his homecoming. Her slave was on his way.




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Friday’s Flesh Friction: A Kyle Canon Teaser: Seducing the Boss

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Thank you Kyle for this great teaser from your new book. They certainly are hot!

Erin’s Erotic Adventures: Seducing The Boss

Erin smiled again as she slid back under the covers. One hand absently playing with a nipple while the other rolled the firm bud of her clitoris. She gently teased a finger between the folds of her vagina, just touching her opening.
“Mmmm.” She moaned softly.
“Seth get you all worked up?” Jack whispered, his back still turned.
“Yes. This flirting is making me so fucking horny.”
“Well, maybe I can help tonight.” Jack said as he rolled over and placed a hand on hers. One of his fingers lightly probing her damp opening. She revelled in the feel of his finger, sliding around the two she’d inserted already. Both wet from her arousal.
“Ummm. I need it.” Jack slid down her body, planting kisses along her length till he reached her inner thighs. As he kissed, his finger slid deeper, touching her sensitive spot just inside her opening.
‘FUCK. He’s gotten so good at that!’ Erin thought as she moaned from his touch. ‘He hasn’t even licked me yet.’ Erin wrapped her fingers in Jacks hair, coaxing his face between her legs.
“Hmmm.” He moaned as his lips touched her clitoris. “You know what I want.”
“Maybe.” Erin was in control enough to tease a little. She knew Jack wanted to hear about her flirting and plans for Seth. He pulled back slightly, allowing his fingers to tease her clitoris while the warmth of his breath caressed her flower.
“Tell me what happened today. Is he ready?” He punctuated the question by inserting the tip of his tongue in her pussy.
“I was in his office a lot. He finally admitted to seeing my tits when we texted I was leaning over his desk so much. Ummm, fuck!” Erin gasped as Jack inserted two fingers, gently sliding them along her g-spot while licking her clit. “He knows I want him. I played with his thigh a few times, I could see he was getting hard and trying to hide it. He asked about the ballgame, with Clint again. I gave him a few more details about it.”
Jack chuckled at that. “Did you tell him the rest?” Erin’s pussy was drenched with her lubrication as well as from his moist tongue. Jack slowly inserted a third finger. He slid the tips of his fingers along the sensitive spot just inside her canal, feeling her opening wider as her arousal grew.
“Shit!” Erin exclaimed, grabbing his hand to stop his motion. “Slow down… please, I’m so close, but I want to make it last. No, I didn’t tell him the rest. I don’t want to scare him off. Just that story made him blush and look uncomfortable the day after I first texted it.”
“More.” Jack demanded, His fingers had not left her warm opening but he remained still, feeling his cock throb in anticipation.
“I hugged him again before I left. He pressed into me. His cock wasn’t hard but I could still feel it.” Erin moaned as Jack returned to his ministrations. ‘Fuck me, that is so good!’ Erin thought as she spread her legs wider and pushed against his hand and face.
“He is driving us to Orlando for the conference. I may try more in the car, definitely at the hotel.”
“So, you think he will fuck you?” Jack asked in a slow, almost teasing tone.
“Yes.” Was Erin’s hissed reply. Jack returned to licking her pussy, playing his tongue around her clit and the opening his fingers made in her. The sensation made her pussy tingle.
She pushed against him again, feeling his unshaved face press into her, the stubble on his chin just helped to make the tingle more pronounced.
Jack brought his fingers together as tight as he could, all four wrapped around his thumb and fully extended. He slid them forward, until just the tip of his thumb pushed aside her labia. Sliding his hand back and forth while licking her pussy. Erin moaned loudly as she grabbed the back of his head again and forced herself down on his hand, pushing his fingers deeper.
“Oh, FUCK, gentle please!” Her actions betrayed her words as she pushed against him again, forcing his fingers deeper, now to the first knuckle of his thumb. “I need a cock in my mouth!”

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